Malden Organiser

Malden Organiser

A5 Leather
3 Reviews
The epitome of relaxed style - that's Malden. A laid back personal organiser with rustic stitching and a soft, casual construction.
Left Hand Details: one large full length stitched pocket with two additional half stitched pockets and a zipped pocket
Right Hand Details: stitched pocket to hold A5 notepad
Diary Type: week on two pages 5 language 12 month diary
  • week on two pages diary
  • ruler/page marker
  • to do
  • contacts
  • indices
  • white notepaper
  • coloured notepaper
  • please note contents may vary to those listed or shown in product images
Material Exterior: soft full grain buffalo leather with natural two tone colour
Material Interior: soft full grain buffalo leather with natural two tone colour
Height: 235mm
Width: 200mm
Depth: 50mm
Closure Detail: leather strap with branded metal poppercap
Ring Mech: 30mm

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3 Customer Reviews

  • Super!

    Elena 10/06/2015

    Hello! Thank you very much! Filofax wonderful, very comfortable, appropriate size! I really like my Filofax!

  • perfect

    lucia 18/06/2014

    I have bought the Malden 5 ocher, my god is so incredibly soft with fantastic fragrant of leather ! and is sooooo Big !!!! wow !!!! It 'perfectly finished, could not be faulted, it is perfect. It 'good for both men and women, I loved have sooo many pockets even with zip.! I love it so much that I also purchased the Personal version malden ocher!!!
    Thank you so much !
    and Yes!!!!!!!! I'm Crazy about Filofax ! :D

  • Very pleased, Everything I imagined!, Just want to keep adding to it!

    Mahesh 16/05/2014

    To all consumers, I wanted to avoid purchasing a Filofax brand organiser and contemplated a mont blanc or something along those lines.

    However, those brands only end up having to use the filofax branded stationery inserts etc.

    So the final decision was to purchase the A5 Malden, a look which suits all men and women, of all different professions in my opinion and when in Ocre, suits most looks. Which I personally feel is important as this is a personal piece and something which you'll have by your side for the best part of the day and the rest.

    I have only received great customer service from Filofax. This is not based on just a purchase, (simple, buy and receive in post),
    It is based on liaising with the customer services team due to resolving a few issues, I was listened to, advised and also given gratitude for relaying feedback directly to the customer services team.

    It has been an enjoyable experience, which I feel is key due to something of this price and quality needing to be right. It took me a while to decide, but by doing that, i bit the bullet and made my purchase.

    I am not after leaving this feedback going onto buy the holepunch, year planner and expenses sheets.

    Everytime i open my Malden I get excited haha, strange, but this will be with me for life.

    Not only will its appearance continue to look great with age, but the tailoring of personalising this with the flow of use over time will make it so personal and add character.

    I was inspired by "Thomas S" who if you see on the blog page will understand where the inspiration came from.
    His layout, use of the Filofax and his character just made me want one so badly.

    Having a Filofax really encourages character building, because for me, it shows you care about your day to day life.

    Dont worry about what filofax users are doing with theirs, do with yours what you wish to do to make it yours!

    research it, imagine it, buy it!


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