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My name is Susan, Kanalt on the web. I write at Well Planned Life, which includes all things planners (Filofax mostly) and organizing, as well as my obsession with bags, books and reading, and a variety of other topics. By far, my favorite posts to write are the Filo on Location posts (a parody of planner mischief and adventures). I am a public librarian living on Long Island, New York with my husband and cat Winston. I love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking. I also do yoga. If only I had more time to do what I love.

I first found Filofax in 2009 through a friend of mine. I had been against ring binders because of how big they are. But once I realized the flexibility of a ring bound system, I was hooked. This same friend gave me a personal brown Domino for my birthday. I still have it, though now it holds extra inserts. I have been using Filofax exclusively since.

My collection has grown a great deal since then. I also currently own a black and red Domino (both personal); a black Guildford, ochre and black Malden, chocolate Filofax Classic, jade Finchley, and green Richmond (all personal); brown Holborn, black and brown Regency, plum Osterley (all compact); slimlines Guildford and brown Filofax Classic; pocket brown Kendal; and a mini black Domino. I have had several others that I’ve given away as gifts. My latest acquisition was a compact teal Calypso, sent to me to review (thank you!).

I use my Filofax planners for just about everything. I love, love, love the compact size, which I use for my daily planning – appointments, tasks, deadlines, lists, exercise and food tracker. I have a lot stuffed into these little binders: a year’s worth of monthly inserts, three months worth of daily pages, and random other sheets. I have to admit that I do use a digital list application for work items, only because it’s easier to move several repeating tasks from one day to another. But my paper planner still sees plenty of action, even without my work tasks.

All of my other binders have a specific purpose. My personal jade Finchley is my happiness binder, my personal black Malden is my household binder, and my slimline Guildford is my travel planner. The rest hold extra inserts, whether it’s notepaper or diary pages. I have special projects lined up for two of the binders, but I haven’t gotten to setting those up yet – someday!

What I love about Filofax is the ability to make the binders do whatever you need them to – planners, project books, notebooks, recipe books, etc. I’ve seen a ton of different uses. Plus, for me, between the compact and personal size, I only need one size of inserts, so I can switch out binders any time I need to, not only seasonally but also for size. I have tried other sizes but the personal/compact is the perfect size for me. Several times I have wanted to switch to either A5 or pocket for various reasons, but I always end up going back to the personal size. It’s the best of all worlds!


Compact love

Malden and Finchley



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